UA Healthbox


UA Healthbox
Jan 2016 - Present

My Role:  

  • Usability Testing
Project Summary
Conducting Usability Tests for the UA Heathbox, a product by Under Armour and HTC - a connected fitness system comprising of UA Band, UA Scale, UA Heart Rate and UA Record (mobile application), created to measure, monitor, and manage factors related to fitness.
  • Danti Li
  • Setumadhava Giridhar Kathawathe
  • Sri Lalitha Swathi Sagi
  • Vishwas Shetty
Investigation and Ideation

The first step was to get the requirements from our client, HTC. Primarily they wanted us to focus on user on-boarding process which basically was pairing of all the devices within the UA Healthbox, i.e UA Band, UA Scale and UA Heart Rate, with the UA Record iOS application. Secondly they wanted to us test the Fitness Feature on UA Band.

Creating an Interaction Map
Next, we laid out an interaction map for the UA Healthbox and the UA Record app to get familiar with its functionality and make it easy to understand and to explain it to users. The map design was an iterative process. We started by brainstorming and laying out the screens on a whiteboard. This gave us an idea of the Information Architecture and the workflow of the app and the hardware. The challenge here was to show the functions of the individual devices and its interaction with the app. We sketched out an iteration and quickly tested it out with few users. Based on their feedback we made some changes to come up with the final iteration.

Creating a Usability Plan
Currently we are working on the usability plan which will include

  • Coming up with specific research questions
  • Defining participant profiles
  • Listing the methods needed
  • Creating tasks and scenarios
  • Looking into what data will be collected
  • Planning how to evaluate and report the data